Sven Schindler

Senior Designer / Board Certified Master of Nothing

I'm a veteran design professional and storyteller; so basically I sit and stare out the window a lot, start tons of websites, obsess over logos too much, rapid fire opinions and consume a whole lot of coffee. I've been told that I'm an effective designer, communicator and relationship builder who can inspire a collaborative team spirit,… so really I instigate gang behavior.

As an advocate for design thinking, I help organizations position and grow brands and ideas into benefiting opportunities with simple, interesting and inspiring solutions. My career involves a little mentoring, teaching and sharing of my knowledge and passion for design with others through my experience and design community involvement.

A little simplicity and focus go a long way. Artistry and attention to details are important to me. . . hey, I'm a designer. I'm based in Hayward, CA, I enjoy being a father, husband, and contributor to societal change.